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Working with list items in SharePoint 2013

When you add new list app to the SharePoint 2013 site, it generates the necessary pages for successful information storing. These pages include the one to display the whole list in general, pages to view list items, edit them and add new list items. Additionally, you have new option - Quick edit, which enables you to edit items at the lists default page using a grid that strongly resembles to the Excel spreadsheet.

When initially created, a list may have only one view or multiple views depending from the list type. For example, when creating Tasks list it will have 6 views generated - All Tasks (default), Calendar, Completed, Gantt Chart, Late Tasks, My Tasks, and Upcoming. And Announcement list will have only 1 All items view. In the List Settings, in Views section you can see, modify views and add your own ones when you need to display items according to your specific requirements. If you have already created new list app and modified the settings you can start adding data to this list.

Adding and editing items

  1. Navigate to the list to which you want to add new items.
  2. We have used the Task list as our example. The first way to add new items - In the Task list click on new task.
    Add and edit list items-1.png
  3. Enter the Task name and fill in the necessary fields - Start date, the approximate Due date,Task description and click Save.(For some fields you need to click Show More link.)
    Add and edit list items-2.png
  4. You can add new items to your list, also using Quick edit option. Click edit link that is near the new task link and the view will change to the grid one. Add and edit list items-3.png
  5. On the bottom of this grid will be an empty line where you can add new item details. When you finish adding new data to the list click stop editing button on the top of the page
    Add and edit list items-4.png
  6. Now, you can edit some of your items. There are also 2 ways to do this:
    • You can select the item form the list and click Edit Item button from the ribbon. This way is convenient for editing single items.Add and edit list items-5.png
    • You can press Quick edit button, and edit the cells in the grid just like you do in Excel. This is very useful for editing multiple items.Add and edit list items-6.png

Working with attachments

When you create a new list, attachments are allowed to be added to list items by default. You can disable this feature if you do not want to let users attach files to list items.

To attach a file to the item you need to:

  1. To the appropriate list.
  2. Select an item you want to edit and click on Edit Item option from the ribbon.
  3. On the Edit Item page, in the ribbon click the Attach file. ,
    Add and edit list items-7.png
  4. Choose the file to attach and click OK.
    Add and edit list items-8.png
  5. Click on Save.
    Add and edit list items-9.png


It is important to have the ability to filter and sort items in your lists. In case your list contain hundreds of items or more, you can limit presented items by applying a filter value or you can sort them by values in certain column.

To apply a filter to your list items you need to:

  1. Navigate to the list you want for filter.
  2. Hover over the title of the column you want to use as a filter and select the value from the drop-down menu.
    Add and edit list items-10.png
  3. By clicking on the column headers you can sort list in the ascending or descending order.
    Add and edit list items-11.png


You can also manage permissions for every single item in the list. By default, all items inherit permissions from the list containing them. But you can break the inheritance and specify unique permissions for the item. To do it you need to:

  1. Select a list item you want to specify permissions for.
  2. Click on Shared with button from the ribbon.
    Add and edit list items-12.png
  3. Click Advanced in the window opened.
    Add and edit list items-13.png
  4. On the Permissions page click Stop Inheriting Permissions option form the ribbon and click OK in the confirmation window.
    Add and edit list items-14.png
  5. Click Grant Permissions option from the Permissions ribbon.Add and edit list items-15.png
  6. Enter the account names who you want to grant permissions for this item. I you want to modify access level for them, click Show options and select permission level you need.
  7. Click Share.
    Add and edit list items-16.png