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Step-by-step Exchange 2010 configuration guide

Thank you for choosing PlexHosted as your Hosted Exchange 2010 provider. This guide will show you how to configure your Exchange 2010 service. Please take a few minutes to carefully read this guide and review our knowledgebase. Doing so will allow you to easily and successfully get your Exchange 2010 service up and running. If you don't find the answer to your question on our support site, you can email us any time at for further assistance.

1. Login into the Plexhosted Control Panel
2. Create your Exchange Organization
3. Access Exchange Control Panel
4. Create a user in the Exchange Control Panel
5. Configuring Autodiscover
Please skip this step if you have ordered your service with free * subdomain.
This step requires that you enable an CNAME record called Autodiscover in your DNS control panel with the following domain name: DNS is usually associated with the company that you registered your domain name with or that manages your website.
Example: - CNAME -
Failing to add this record will prevent your Offline Address Book (OAB) from synchronizing, as well as your Outlook Free/Busy and Out of Office (OOF) features to work. This feature should ALWAYS be added; even if you are forwarding to PlexHosted. Add an autodiscover record in a DNS
6. Getting your emails to PlexHosted
Please skip this step if you have ordered your service with free * subdomain.
6.1 MX Records
If all your domain users have a mailbox with PlexHosted, then you can safely change your MX records to PlexHosted. You will need to change your MX records in your DNS control panel.
MX record: (Priority 10)
6.2 Forwarding to PlexHosted (Split Domain)
If you have other users that will be using mailboxes, but have NOT created them on PlexHosted’s Exchange server yet or if you are using a third party spam filtering solution, you will need to forward your mailbox to PlexHosted. The forwarding address, also called proxy address, uses the following pattern :
After forwarding your mailbox please Setup "Split Domain" option for your organization
6.3 Configuring Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record
The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation system designed to prevent sender address forgery by verifying sender IP addresses. It allows the email recipients to verify that the server sending the email is authorized to send email on behalf of the domain that is found in the sender’s email address.
It is strongly recommended to add this record to your DNS to prevent receiving spoofed emails and bounce backs. How to configure a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record
7. Configuring Outlook
Please use the following guide to configure your new profile: Automatic configuration guide for Outlook 2010
If you have any problems with automatic configuration Outlook 2010 you can use following guide to configure your new profile manually. Manual configuration guide for Outlook 2010
In case you are using Microsoft Office 2013 please use the following guides to setup your new profile in Outlook 2013: Automatic configuration guide for Outlook 2013 and Manual configuration guide for Outlook 2013