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Working with site Templates

SharePoint site template is a set of features and configurations combined to meet the specific need. New site can be created within few clicks using the preconfigured site templates that serve to identify the main site purposes and include all the necessary features relevant for this purposes. SharePoint contains a set of the built-in templates but you can create and use your own templates. It is a very useful feature when you need to create many sites with common content and structure.

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Save site as a template

  1. Login to your SharePoint site. Click Settings, click Site settings
    Working with site templates-1.png
  2. In the Site Actions sections, click “Save site as template”
    Working with site templates-2.png
  3. Now you can specify the template name, file name and write a template description if necessary. Check “Include content” checkbox to add all site content to the template.
    Click Ok to save a tmplate
    Working with site templates-3.png
  4. If you see this message window your template was successfully created. Click Ok
    Working with site templates-4.png

Create a new site from custom template

  1. Login to your SharePoint site, Click Settings, click Site contents
    Working with site templates-5.png
  2. Click “New Subsite” on the bottom of the page
    Working with site templates-6.png
  3. Select the title and URL of the new site. To select the custom template click “Custom” button and select your custom template, click Ok
    Working with site templates-7.png
  4. Your new site was created from the custom template. In the previous topic we saved a template with all content of the original site and now you can see it on your new site
    Working with site templates-8.png