Microsoft SharePoint 2013:Sync a library to your computer

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Syncing a library to your computer

This article describes how to sync your SharePoint library to your computer. Syncing Sharepoint folder with computer allows user to move files to the SharePoint library as to an ordinary Windows folder.

Sync the Sharepoint Library to the computer

  1. Open your SharePoint library. In our case it is called "Document Library - Sample"
    Sync Library-1.png
  2. Click Sync button on the right side of the screen, under the username, then click "Allow" at the popup window
    Sync Library-2.png
  3. Check the path for the library that you want to sync. Then select the destination folder on your PC where do you want to store the content of your library. Click "Sync now"
    Sync Library-3.png
  4. After that you will be asked to enter login and password for your SharePoint user. Enter your credentials and click Ok
  5. Wait until the Sync process will be over
  6. You will see the following message, click "Show my files..."
    Sync Library-4.png
  7. Now you can see the folder on your PC which store the content of your Sharepoint library. It behaves like an ordinary Windows folder. Just copy the file from PC to this folder (Sample-3 file in our case)
    Sync Library-5.png
  8. Return to the Sharepoint library and refresh the page in your browser. Now you can see that the new file was added to the SharePoint library
    Sync Library-6.png
  9. To find this folder on the PC, open file explorer, go to the "SharePoint" folder under the favorites. There you can see the folder that contains the file from the SharePoint library
    Sync Library-7.png