Microsoft SharePoint 2013:Sharing Documents and Folders

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Sharing Documents and Folders

If you need to give a user access to a document or a folder inside your library, but do not want to grant access to the entire library, you can use Share button to do this. While sharing a document or a folder you can choose permission level for a user. You may give a View only permission or allow a user to edit a document. Additionally, you have notify a user that about granting access to the document. Folders can be shared by the same way as documents.
For the details how to share items in a list please see – Add and edit list items

Sharing a document

  1. Navigate to the library where you would like to share a document.
  2. Choose and click the ellipsis to open the callout. In the document callout click Share. Alternatively, you can click on the Shared with button on the ribbon and then click Invite people.
    Sharing Documents and Folders-1.png
  3. Start typing the username of the user to whom you want to grant access and choose this user form the results drop-down.
    Sharing Documents and Folders-2.png
  4. Select the level of access for this user from the menu to the right of the Invite people box.
    Sharing Documents and Folders-3.png
  5. Click on Show Options.
    Sharing Documents and Folders-4.png
  6. Now you can choose whether to send a notification to this user or not.
    Sharing Documents and Folders-5.png
  7. Click Share.
    Sharing Documents and Folders-6.png