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This article describes how to manage the SharePoint blog site.

Main page of the blog site: Content

Lets take a closer look at the main page of the blog site. The main page is conditionally divided on the three main parts.

Left part

  1. Categories - links to words or phrases that you can use to categorize your posts. By default, three sample categories are created: Events, Ideas, and Opinions.
  2. Archives - here you can see links to old blog posts. This section displays only those posts that are approved
    Main page blog site 1.png

Central part

  1. Central part displays blog posts in published date order. You can see 10 blog posts at a time
    Main page blog site 2.png
Right part
  1. Blog Tools - this section provides blog owners and administrators links to create and manage posts, to manage comments and categories, and to launch a blogging app. It also allows you to change the layout of the main part of the page. (There are tree layouts available)
  2. About This Blog - Content Editor Web Part. This web part is configured to show the title only when the page is in edit mode.
  3. Blog Notifications - this Web Part allows visitors to register for blog post notifications using RSS Feeds or Alerts
    Main page blog site 3.png

Managing blog

This part of the article describes how to work with the SharePoint blog site.

Add new category

  1. Login to your SharePoint blog site. Click "Add Category"
    Manage blog 1.png
  2. Type the name for the new category (i.e. Test Category), click "Save"
    Manage blog 2.png
  3. You can see your new category under "Category" section
    Manage blog 3.png

Remove blog post

  1. Login to your SharePoint blog site. Click "Manage posts"
    Manage blog 4.png
  2. Select the post. Click settings, click delete item. Click Ok
    Manage blog 5.png
  3. Return to the main page. The post was removed from the site
    Manage blog 6.png

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