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Managing Community sites

Previously, we have created a Community site, take a look on how to do it at the following page - Creating Community sites.
After creating a Community site you can manage members of this site, categories, discussions and other settings.
If you have chosen create unique permissions for the site while creating a new group Moderators will be created on this site. This permission level allows users to view, add, update, delete, and moderate list items. Regular member are not allowed to manage categories and member`s items.
Managing Community sites-1.png
On the Members page you can see all the members in the community sorted alphabetically. You can assign badges to members and filter the view by top contributors, new members and change sorting to Z-A view. Additionally you can view the information about members like their reputation. The more that a community member contributes, the higher his reputation.

Community Tools

Community Tools provide administrators with links to manage discussion, create categories and badges, assign badges to members, and configure, reputation settings and community settings.
Managing Community sites-2.png
You can also find the links to these tools on the Site Settings page.
Managing Community sites-3.png
On the Community Settings page you can to allow users to report offensive content by turning on Reporting of offensive content option.
Managing Community sites-4.png
On the community Reputation Settings page you can:

  1. Configure ratings for this community and choose voting type.
    Managing Community sites-5.png
  2. Specify the point values for users` activities.
    Managing Community sites-6.png
  3. Specify the number of points required for members to reach each achievement level.
    Managing Community sites-7.png
  4. Specify whether achievement levels are represented as a series of boxes or as a textual title and modify the titles of the levels.
    Managing Community sites-8.png

Creating categories and discussions

  1. Navigate to the Community site and click on Create categories link.
    Managing Community sites-9.png
  2. On the Categories page click new item.
    Managing Community sites-10.png
  3. Specify the name and description for your new category.
    Managing Community sites-11.png
  4. In the Category Picture you can enter the URL of an image stored on your SharePoint site. To find the URL you need to:
    1. Navigate to the Site Assets library of the site where the image you would like to add is stored.
      Managing Community sites-12.png
    2. Click on the ellipsis near the image you want to add to the category.
      Managing Community sites-13.png
    3. Copy the URL.
      Managing Community sites-14.png
  5. Enter the URL and click on Click here to test link to verify it.
    Managing Community sites-15.png
  6. Enter the description into Type the description field.
    Managing Community sites-16.png
  7. Click on Save.
    Managing Community sites-17.png
  8. Go to the Community site home page and click on the new discussion link.
    Managing Community sites-18.png
  9. Enter the subject for your new discussion.
    Managing Community sites-19.png
  10. Add content to the body of discussion.
    Managing Community sites-20.png
  11. Specify the category for this new discussion.
    Managing Community sites-21.png
  12. Click on Save.
    Managing Community sites-22.png
  13. On the Quick Launch, click Categories and hover over your new categories` tile. The number of discussions is 1 now.
    Managing Community sites-23.png