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This article describes advanced settings of the SharePoint list. Advanced settings include many powerful configuration options for SharePoint list.

Advanced list options

  1. Content Types - specify whether to allow the management of content types on this list.
  2. Item-level Permissions - allows to refine the default permissions levels, such as Read, Contribute, Design, or Full Control for a list item
  3. Attachments - allow or deny attachments to list items
  4. Folders - enable or disable "New Folder" command in the list menu
  5. Search - use this option to include or exclude the list from the search results. Users without permission to see these items will not see them in search results, no matter what this setting is
  6. Reindex List - reindex all of the content in this document library during the next scheduled crawl. By default the content will be indexed incrementally.
  7. Offline Client Availability - specify if the user will have access to the SharePoint content while in a disconnected environment. Turning it off will prevent the library content from being synchronized to users' computers for offline use.
  8. Quick Edit - allow or deny editing the list within the page using datasheets.
  9. Dialogs - this option allows user to switch between dialogs and full pages for displaying list forms, including new, edit, and display forms.

Access the advanced list options

  1. Login to your SharePoint site. Go to SharePoint list
    List advanced options 1.png
  2. Click "List" tab on the ribbon, click "List settings"
    List advanced options 2.png
  3. On this screen you can see all advanced options for the SharePoint list
    List advanced options 3.png

List advanced options 4.png

List advanced options 5.png