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Library Advanced Settings

In the library advanced setting you can find the options to configure content types, folders, search, library reindexing, and offline client availability. These options are also available in the list advanced settings. For more details about list advanced options please see – List Advanced Settings. But library advanced settings include some additional options that are specific for library apps. These options are - Document Template, Opening Documents in the Browser, Custom Send To Destination and Sites Assets

Document Template

This option allows you to setup a template for new documents in the library. The default option for Documents library, for example, is a blank Word document. Document template determines what Office application will be opened when you click on New Document on the ribbon. You can change the blank Word document template to the document with corporate logo or to the blank Excel file. You can edit the existing template of create a new one. Document templates are stored I the hidden Forms folder in the library by default.
Library Advanced Settings-1.png

Opening Documents in the Browser

This option enables you to specify how documents will be opened within the library. You can set it up to open documents in the Office client application or to open documents in web browser using Office Web Apps. Please note that for the latter option you need to have Office Web Apps server installed. The default option is to use the server default which is “open in the browser”.
Library Advanced Settings-2.png

Custom Send To Destination

This option gives you the ability to specify a library to which users can send documents. When you enter the URL and name of the custom destination this name will appear in the drop down menu when clicking on the Send To button. This is very useful feature for document management that will help you to archive documents, for example.
Library Advanced Settings-3.png

Sites Assets

With this option you can specify what library will be used as Site Assets storage. The default location of the files like images is SharePoint Site Assets library, but you have an option to change it to the current library for easier navigation and search. You can choose any document library as the default location for your site's assets.
Library Advanced Settings-4.png

Changing document template for a library

  1. Navigate to the document library for which you want to modify document template.
  2. Go to Library Settings.
    Library Advanced Settings-5.png
  3. Navigate to the Advanced Settings.
    Library Advanced Settings-6.png
  4. Verify that the “Allow management of content types?” option is set to No.
    Library Advanced Settings-7.png
  5. Under the “Default open behavior for browser-enabled documents” on the “Opening Documents in the Browser” section choose “Open in the client application”.
    Library Advanced Settings-8.png
  6. Click OK.
  7. Return to the Advanced Settings page and in the Document Template section under Template URL click on Edit template.
    Library Advanced Settings-9.png
  8. Click Yes if the warning dialog appeared while Word client is opening, then enter your username and password into the password prompt.
  9. Edit template according to your needs.
    Library Advanced Settings-10.png
  10. Click on File - Close to close the document and then Save in the confirmation dialog.
    Library Advanced Settings-11.png
  11. Now you can return to the document library and verify that new template has been created by creating a new document.
    Library Advanced Settings-12.png

Please refer to the following page for more details about how to create new document from the library - Creating a new document from the document library in SharePoint 2013