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Creating Community sites

In SharePoint 2013 Community sites allow users to join into the groups with common interests. This may be their job responsibilities, sphere of business, anything inside your organization. Users can create and participate in discussions, join communities where ask questions and know that there are people able to answer them.
In the Community site users can view discussions and become a member of the community to participate in them and can be moderators that manage community site, create rules, define interested content by marking it as featured discussions, delete inappropriate content and finding best replies.
Discussions in the Community Sites are divided in to Categories. These categories include a name, description, and an image.

Creating a Community Site

  1. Login to your SharePoint 2013 site.
  2. Click on Site Contents from the Quick Launch. Alternatively, you can click the gear button and choose it form the drop-down menu.
    Creating Community sites-1.png
  3. On the Site Contents page click on the new subsite link.
    Creating Community sites-2.png
  4. Specify the title and description of your new site.
    Creating Community sites-3.png
  5. Specify the URL of your new site.
    Creating Community sites-4.png
  6. Choose the Community Site from the site templates.
    Creating Community sites-5.png
  7. In the Permissions section you can give permission to access your new site to the same users who have access to this parent site, or you can give permission to a unique number of users.
    Creating Community sites-6.png
  8. In the Navigation Inheritance section specify whether your new site will inherit navigation from its parent site or not. By default the option “Use the top link bar from the parent site?” is set to “No”.
    Creating Community sites-7.png
  9. Click on Create.
    Creating Community sites-8.png
  10. Now you can see your new Community site.
    Creating Community sites-9.png