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Create a View in SharePoint 2013

In the previous article it has been have shown how to create content types in SharePoint 2013. Please see – Content Types. Now we are going to show how to create a view based on this content type.
Views are used to organize and filter content in the SharePoint lists and libraries. They can be created with filters based on columns. Views can be personal and public.

Creating a custom view

  1. Navigate to the library where you would like to create a view.
  2. Click on the ellipsis near All documents and choose Create View.
    Create a View-1.png
  3. Click Standard View on the View Type page.
    Create a View-2.png
  4. Type the name for this view.
    Create a View-3.png
  5. Check the columns you want to add to this view in the Columns section. We are going to add columns added to the content type in the previous tutorial (Content Types).
    Create a View-4.png
  6. Choose the Show items only when the following is true option in the Filter section and set the following filter: Content Type is equal to (your custom content type).
    Create a View-5.png
  7. Click OK.
  8. Now you can see your newly created view. You can use the Manage Views section on the ribbon to switch between the views or click on All documents to return to the default view.
    Create a View-6.png