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Setting up Alerts in SharePoint 2013

Alerts is the feature that sends an email notification or a text message whenever changes are made to the content in a site, library or list item.

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Setting up an Alert

  1. Open your SharePoint library. In our example it is called "Document Library - Sample"
    Creating Microsoft SharePoint 2013Alerts-1.png
  2. Click Library from the ribbon, then click Alert Me then Set Alert on this library
    Creating Microsoft SharePoint 2013Alerts-2.png
  3. Select the Alert title, select the user for which you want to set the alert, and set the alert to launch when "New items are added", click Ok
    Creating Microsoft SharePoint 2013Alerts-3.png
  4. Now add a new document to the library. In our example it is called "Sample-2"
    Creating Microsoft SharePoint 2013Alerts-4.png
  5. Open your email application, i.e Outlook 2013 and check your inbox folder. You should receive an email with notification from your SharePoint site.